O mian, Allah mian…

O God, my Lord


Russ ma russan ghoryo

Even if you are upset with me, I am still willing to lay down my life for you

Chudd raana raida-ee

My lord, speak to me once again

Lapay tij latif chay, kamil khachaie

My lord, forgive your Latif for all his faults and mistakes

Oooooo kar maaf madai

Forgive all the mistakes

Ta sodha sukhiyani theeyaanm mian

I will only be at peace when my Lord will reciprocate my love

O Allah, kar maaf madai

My lord, forgive all my faults

Waee (Vai)

Ao rana ruh raat tunjhi chaangul khay chandan chariyaan

My lord, stay with me tonight and I’ll make sure that the Beast (camel) you ride is taken care of as well

Raatiyaan deehaan rooh-a mein tann tunhinjhi taat

My lips move all the time remembering you, be it day or night

Waithi nit niharyaan

I sit, gazing into the distance waiting for your return

Acheen jay pirbhaat

Waiting till the wee hours of the morning

Mookhay aeen mehndra waee tuhjhi waat

It is only the song of your remembrance (waee) that I have on my lips, my Lord

Adyun, Abdul Latif chaee daatar deedum daat

O sisters, the Lord will be forgiving and will shower his blessings on Latif

(Lyrics and translation by Mohammad Qasim Maka, professor and director Institute of Sindhology)

  1. Uzair Khan says:

    thanks a lot…they should have included it in the first place but thanks to you, it didnt take much time finding it.

  2. Mehran says:

    Ada Dil khush thi wayi. So delighted to have read this 🙂 i enjoyed the wayii on television and lyrics here

  3. Mehran says:

    Khush rah.

  4. princess says:

    thank u its beautiful

  5. zaid says:

    good ….found so quickly

  6. bahut he achaa hai. it really soothens your soul. long live pakis

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